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Do you have what it takes to be a project manager?

        Producing new software, construction of new hotel, creating innovative product, all these can be a type of projects. In fact, they may not. They may stay being ideas or intentions meaning that without right directions or management they could not be completed as projects. One of the key factors of turning ideas to successfully achieved projects is human factor, namely project manager that can be recognized as the person who keeps all the elements of a project together, or simply as a leader.

        The effective project manager is someone who handles both the knowledge and management portions of the business by applying his/her certain skills such as knowledge, performance and interpersonal. In general, performance of project manager refers to accomplish certain task by applying technical knowledge while interpersonal skills are totally refers to guiding project using effective communication tools or leadership skills.  Basically project managers can be viewed as change agents who make project goals their own, use their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team by enjoying the organized adrenaline of new challenges and the responsibility of driving business results. ("The Role of a Project Manager - PMP Certification Help." web. 24 Oct. 2016). Mainly, project managers can shift from the "big picture" to small, crucial details and  cultivate the people skills needed to develop. When analyzing major duties of project managers it becomes certain that in order to be an effective leader, he/she has to own good communication skills, be organized, play well with team members and motivate them. Being the person in charge for a project’s success, project manager should also look after every aspect of a project such as crafting effective projective plan and improving it in order to guarantee applicability, keeping cost, schedule scope on track, managing risk and needs, expectations of stakeholders. ("7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers | TeamGantt Blog." web. 24 Oct. 2016). However beside being task oriented, manager should pay attention certain communication factors as well. For example, one of the main elements of being an effective project manager is to listen and understand before being understood. For example, some great saw-sharpening concepts more specifically geared to project management are taking the time to ensure everyone on the team understands their specific piece of the work, how it integrates with others, and that all parties are clear on expectations.

        The Miami Workers Center (MWC) which is known for its effective community organizing work in the USA and organized to fight for the rights of low-income minority communities in a hostile environment, decided to build an efficient communications network and help optimize an already successful program. After the project was completed, Sushma Sheth, MWC Communications Director said “The SPIN Project’s hands-on approach and project manager’s high involvement sharpened our communications program, taking it to a new level." This real life example also proves that without right direction of project managers projects, innovations great ideas would not been implemented and achieved.




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