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How to be the Best Project Manager in Ten Steps

There are some certain skills that are obligation for a proejct manager to be most successful, as project manager is a “must” for every project. It is thought that the project finishes when all the stages below are done:

* Project Integration Management

* Project Scope Management

* Project Time Management

* Project Cost Management

* Project Quality Management

* Project Human Resource Management

* Project Communications Management

* Project Risk Management

* Project Procurement Management

* Project Stakeholder Management

In order to be named as a professional project manager, you must pass some tests completely and get certificate in this field. Studies show that 40 percent of participants have failed from the first exam. Despite the fact that this percentage seems a little bit high for most of the people, practically it is normal phenomeneon as the process of learnig to manage a project and finilaze it successfully, is challenging and demands hard work.

The main notions of the ten knowledge areas are identifying and defining the work, defining the project scope, estimating the duration of the project, planning to manage the costs, tracking and planning of the quality requirements for the project, defining the ways of

utilizing,developing and acquiring the HR management, managing communucation during this period, planning the risk management, conducting risk assessments, and controlling risks, acquiring the required material for the successful completion of the project, and finally encompassing all the processes used for satisfying the ones affected by the project.


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