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Identify Stakeholders in Project Management

In project management, one of the essential decision is the designed form of organizational structure which will be utilized for the project. The organizational structure has the major impact on the project management because while the design of organizational structure is defined it considers its project characteristics and environment. So, when the well-chosen organizational structure is conducted, it will definitely facilitate the implementation and application of project activities. Furthermore, the organizational chart of project management sets up the formal relationships among the project manager and the project team members, also minimize the disruptions and conflicts while the interactions with one another.1

A project manager is the person who is responsible for conducting and completing the project from its inception to closure including planning, design, execution, monitoring, and controlling of the project. Additionally, the project managers are also liable for recruiting and establishing project teams, estimating the project risks and uncertainties. For applying all these duties, a successful manager should have some necessary skills and abilities such as management, leadership, negotiation, and organization.1

Basically, a stakeholder is a person, group of individuals or an association that has any kind of interest in the project or is influenced by its consequences, outcomes either directly or indirectly.1 More specifically, team members of project, project sponsors, association members, individuals outside to the organization as well can be the stakeholders of the project who are categorized internally and externally. In order to attain success within the project processes, it is necessary to identify all the stakeholders initially and establish a strategy to manage them and fulfill their expectations accordingly.

Identifying stakeholders allows to operate the project with the minimal obstructions, thus when they are distinguished sooner, they can be prevented, and stakeholders can be involved as soon as possible which leads them to be more connected and supportive when it is needed. Furthermore, if the stakeholders are not satisfied, then the project will not be accomplished. For obtaining stakeholders’ satisfaction, their expectations and requirements should be provided with identification process.2 The identification process starts with a project charter which is a document that authorizes the existence of a project and appoints a project manager with containing contains high level project information such as the project objectives, budget, schedule, assumptions and constraints, the name of the project sponsor, the name of top management. Thereby, this process includes the reviewing the contract documents to find stakeholders mentioned in the contract, reviewing the organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors, interviewing the experts, which enables to gain great deal of information about stakeholders, and finally, conducting brainstorming sessions which can be held with your team members and experts.3



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