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Pay Attention to The Big Picture

There are many people around us who failed on the halfway of their life just because of not being aware of exactly what work has to be done before they start to accomplish it. In general, those people concentrate more on final goal and the ways toward it which result in missing the big picture and the meaning of working on that aim. In business world, managers have a collection of team members, and they need to realize and explain exactly what they’re going to do before taking an action. Therefore, when the team start the any kind of project, members and manager should have a clear vision of all tasks that are going to be taken as the project progresses. Since each project is unique and requires careful balance of steps, practices and techniques such as interview, focus groups, facilitated workshops questionnaires and surveys in order to be sure that every part is operated smoothly, scope planning process is the very first thing the manager should starts.

Particularly, project scope planning includes defining the definition of all the work needed to successfully meet the project objectives. ("Project Scope Planning." CDC UNIFIED PROCESS PRACTICES GUIDE. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 Dec. 2007). The whole idea behind scope involves high level features or capabilities that the business team has committed to determine major project work components, requirements and deliverables to the related parties. For this reason, foundation of scope planning starts with

identifying detailed project scope statement which is the description of the project scope, major deliverables, assumptions, and constraints. within the project charter and business case documents. The project charter is used to provide the project context needed to plan the scope management processes. It provides the high-level project description and product characteristics from the project statement of work. ("Project Scope Planning." CDC UNIFIED PROCESS PRACTICES GUIDE. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 Dec. 2007). A formal scope planning defines how project tasks will be confirmed and accepted by the client, therefore, includes measuring, examining, and testing project deliverables to ensure that they comply with agreed upon requirements.

An effective scope planning works also toward ensuring that key project stakeholders agree upon the project work to be accomplished which requires elaborating and documenting project work and communicating with project stakeholders later on. In general, this process involves agreement between the project team and the customer by relating the work of the project to the project's objectives.

In conclusion, not only in work environment but also in life if you want to achieve your objective, first try to realize what is your objective and what you are going to do in your objective in order not to fail on halfway.

"PROJECT SCOPE PLANNING." CDC UNIFIED PROCESS PRACTICES GUIDE. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 Dec. 2007. Retrieved from http://www2a.cdc.gov/cdcup/library/practices_guides/CDC_UP_Scope_Planning_Practices_ Guide.pdf 

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