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Having whole stages implemented in a nice way does not mean to finish the project in a qualitative way. There is an approach to measure steps, periods, objectives and consequences of the project, and here SMART goals come first to the mind. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, and Time. It is mostly used to increase the chances of being effective at the project. Besides, it is always implemented after the project scope has been defined.

Let’s think of a final exam of the Project Management Course. It is similar to studying hard and getting an A from the final exam. You are studying to your midterms, have good graded quizzes and homework, and have all those realistic results that convince you that you can actually get an A at the end. In order to come to that successful outcome, you take specific steps t ... Read more »

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Projects are one of crucial factors which contributes change and improvement of world. No matter whether goal is to split the atom, introduce new Windows software, constructing one more Trump Tower at another country, or organize next Formula games, good designed project and effective management of it can turn scary ideas to the great achievements. For instance, Apple’s development of IPod or IPad tablets was just an idea or intention at the beginning, however when realizing todays success of Apple, it becomes certain that due to effective planning, control and implementation, IPod and IPad are incredibly popular products and main contributors to the firm’s profit. For this reason, nowa ... Read more »

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Project management is like an art. If you want to attract people’s attention in the theatre play, your play must be specific, realistic, and time-bound because people are coming there to see something new, different things. Today’s global world demands to be punctual in both theatre play and project management, if you do not finish your play on time, everyone will leave the event and you wil not get the best result from this event. It is the same in the PM, too, if you do not finish the project on time, it means that you will loose your reputation and at the same time money.

            Specific: The goal should target a specific area of improvement or answer a specific need (1). To be specific in project management helps people who have basic de ... Read more »

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