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Once you have a complete understanding and appreciation of your project requirements,
including the acceptance criteria, you will have the foundation to produce your work breakdown
Before progressing to the work breakdown structure you need to define the scope of the project
from the project requirements and charter. The scope document provides a detailed description
of exactly what your project objective is, its deliverables, exclusions, and acceptance criteria.
On completion of your project scope statement you can begin to focus on the detailed aspects of
your planning and communications. A key part of any project is planning and anticipating
request for changes, your scope must describe how you will handle such requests.
Your project scope statement also defines the project teams roles a ... Read more »

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To begin with, scope management initially compasses establishing the scope plan which illustrates how the scope of the project will be defined and conducted throughout the project processes. This involves the project manager, the project sponsor, the project team members, the selected stakeholders, and also others who are accountable for any of the scope management processes. In order to create the scope plan, the processes basically include the collecting requirements, defining scope, and creating work breakdown structure (abbreviated WBS). The main input to this process is the project charter, and the two main outputs are the scope plan itself and the requirements management plan.1

            Specifically, as a first step, collecting requirements is the procedure that we determine and doc ... Read more »

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In project management, one of the essential decision is the designed form of organizational structure which will be utilized for the project. The organizational structure has the major impact on the project management because while the design of organizational structure is defined it considers its project characteristics and environment. So, when the well-chosen organizational structure is conducted, it will definitely facilitate the implementation and application of project activities. Furthermore, the organizational chart of project management sets up the formal relationships among the project manager and the project team members, also minimize the disruptions and conflicts while the interactions with one another.1

A project manager is the person who is responsible for conducting and completing the project from its inception to closure including pla ... Read more »

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        Producing new software, construction of new hotel, creating innovative product, all these can be a type of projects. In fact, they may not. They may stay being ideas or intentions meaning that without right directions or management they could not be completed as projects. One of the key factors of turning ideas to successfully achieved projects is human factor, namely project manager that can be recognized as the person who keeps all the elements of a project together, or simply as a leader.

        The effective project manager is someone who handles both the knowledge and management portions of the business by applying his/her certain skills such as knowledge, performance and interpersonal. In general, ... Read more »

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            Project Scope can be explained as a naughty child in a family. Sometimes, families provide their child with everything he wishes, and as a next stage, a child does not know the boundaries of his family and dreams. Project Scope is also a similar version of this scenario. If you do not put boundaries of any project, project manager and supervisor may face some waste of assets during this period.

            Scope Management techniques help project managers to allocate just the right amount of work necessary to complete a project successfully (1). In the project scope, there are some requirements that should be included as below:

  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Group creativity tec ... Read more »
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